"Simply Authentic"

- Style of beauty within - 


Welcome to visit Mayzie Pearls & Jewelry.

Mayzie was started by Stefani Wu in 2021. She is a jewelry and graphic designer and also a online advertising creative.

For a great passion of creating and crafting, and also the love of natural pearls, Stefani's starting to self taught and using pearls as major materials for jewelry design. Irregular pearls are Mayzie's most significant creation materials.
Those Irregular shape of pearls are present of every life's strong energy was fill into different special forms, the only one and spectacular as every women!

"Simply Authentic" is core spirit of Mayzie. Simple and neat design, not only showing the jewelry itself but showing it's uniqueness and individual style. Mayzie believe that Jewelry is beautiful itself but when people wear it will makes it looks even better and also enhance the style of beauty within.

Jewelry is for make a happier and prettier you in everyday life.  

Visit Stefani Wu's personal website at : www.stefaniwu.com